Exercises for sound system tuning with FFT based audio analysis software

Sound engineers use dual channel FFT based audio analysis software for the tuning of PA systems. To work out the necessary routine may take years spending short time on production. The exercises documented in this paper can shift the valuable time on production to comfortable homework situation to deeply understand better both theoretic backgrounds. First, what does my dual channel FFT software show me and why, second which basic steps are need to be done for sound system tuning.

What you need

  1. A dual channel FFT audio analysis software for your computer.
  2. A DAW software.
  3. A signal routing solution from your FFT software to your DAW system

For using the preconfigured and documented exercises you need, an Apple Macintosh computer with Apple Logic X DAW software. Audinate Dante Via Software and your preferred dual channel FFT measurement software.

The reader is expessly encouraged to use his own prefered DAW and may be inspired by the videos to create own exercises.

A demonstration of the setup is done with two videos. The setup itself and the documentation with a step by step guide can be downloaded below for a little donation.

Part 1

  • Polarity vs. Phase
  • Comb filter
  • Coherence
  • Smoothing & Averaging
  • Top/Sub Alignment

Part 2

  • Top/Sub Alignment with overlaping X-Over
  • Impulse Response
  • Transients
  • Endfired Subwoofer
  • Cardioid/Gradient Subwoofer
  • Delayfinder with subwoofers
  • IIR vs FIR Impulse Response


Creating the setup and documentation took a lot of working hours. With the paypal donation the user testify his respect for this work and will constantly improve his own meassurement and system tuning skills for future work. This added value is available for only the cost of a CD. But wait, I will give some extra music I made on top, so the setup is so to say free.

Here is the Deal:

  1. buy the System Tuning Setup
  2. pick some music here: https://bodofelusch.bandcamp.com
  3. use the Bandcamp discount code (95%), you will find the discount code as textfile inside System Tuning Setup

What is included?



  • Apple Logic X Setup – English Version
  • Apple Logic X Setup – German Version
  • PDF Documentation – English Version
  • PDF Documentation – German Version

You can find the download page here, please enter your Paypal ORDER ID and your E-MAIL address (case sensitive)


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